Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate(SSL)

Sodium stearoyl lactylate(SSL) is ivory powder or flake-shaped solid. It can be dispersed well in hot water and soluble in ethanol and hot oils and fats with pleasant caramel-like odor.

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Chemical structure:


Ivory powder or flake-shaped solid. It can be dispersed well in hot water and soluble in ethanol and hot oils and fats with pleasant caramel-like odor. It is an anionic emulsifier with HLB value of 8.3.

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In our company, The sodium stearoyl lactylate(SSL) has two types according to the details usages: sodium stearoyl lactylate(SSL) 90, we called it as SSL90; Another one is SSL100.

Sodium stearoyl lactylate(SSL)90 is made up of sodium stearoyl lactylate  and some anti-caking agents, which are mainly used in baking products, such as bread, cakes, biscuits and so on. The baking foods’ main raw material is flour, it is fine about 100 mesh, so, it is required that the food additive must be fine as well, and more, sodium stearoyl lactylate has low melting point, easy to caking, so in the production process, we added a part of anti-caking agent,  the anti-caking property of sodium stearoyl lactylate is greatly improved, so, SSL has good flowability with fine form.

SSL100, as the name implies, is 100% sodium stearoyl lactate, which is usually made into granular products, so that the product itself has a good anti-caking ability, such products, usually used in grease products, such as non-dairy creamer, oil and so on, these products required that Sodium stearoyl lactylate size is not same as baking products, can be use granular SSL, and the application is good. More importantly, oil products, in the production process, to not allow the presence of anti-caking agent, once there is an anti-caking agent, oil products will become unstable, stratification, production wall adhesion and so on.


Our products have undergone the changes of grinding and powder spraying technology. In the early years, most of the food emulsifier industry in China adopted the grinding technology. Later, due to the improvement of the appearance and performance of the products, our company took the lead in fetching in powder spraying technology, and made a great step to improve the SSL quality, Powder-sprayed SSL, more uniform particle size, more beautiful appearance, anti-caking performance greatly improved, the use of more perfect performance. More importantly, we adopted powder spraying technology, so that our production costs are reduced, which directly brings customers preferential prices.

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